2018 One Little Word


So, this is really my first year actively picking my “one little word”. Obviously, as years go, you find yourself coming back to a certain theme or living in a way that leads you to a specific idea or driving force. But this year, I’ve chosen a word to guide me. Instead of watching my year unfold and discovering my word, I’m actively choosing to live with trust. Oddly, I wouldn’t have guessed this to be my word, it hasn’t been a recurring theme in my life or something I’ve latched onto before. Instead, it sort of just rose up out of my heart, bubbled to the surface. I kept finding that my internal dialogue would progress a certain way & inevitably, my heart would reassure me to trust, trust my instincts, trust my path, trust the journey. So. Here it is. My #olw.


This piece was truly a testament of trust. In creating this grungy background, there are many moments where it does not look the way you envision, where it looks like, frankly, a hot mess. But then, with trust to keep moving forward, it suddenly comes together just as you wanted.

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