Hey Lovelies!

Last night I was exhausted (2 toddlers will do that to ya!) and I really *wanted* to get some art time in, but I also wanted to do absolutely nothing. So I turned on the coffee & did absolutely nothing while it brewed & then got myself a cuppa joe & headed to the studio. Sometimes, you just need to get your butt in gear & trust that once you sit down at the desk, you’ll just find that creative zone, the quiet bliss of creating.

So, I pulled out my art journal and got to it. No direction, no plan, just grabbing what was speaking to me & go.

In the end I chose the word dream to go with this butterfly monoprint pulled from my Gel Press because I kept thinking of the phrase, ‘Dreams don’t work unless you do’ as I was creating, because it was working through those moments of ‘this isn’t what I was wanting’ and working out what colors were speaking to me (this analogous color scheme is one I don’t often use), just working through that creative process. And when I added the butterfly, I thought, ‘Wings don’t work unless you do’….and it just felt as though it was all meant to be about the hustle, about trusting your wings, about pursuing your dreams, always… even if 2 toddlers exhausted you that day!

Check out my process:

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2 thoughts on “Dream…

  1. I’m in awe that not only did you create this at night but you created a video! Reading this blog helped me as I often go to bed without creating something to release the stress of the day which deprives me of much needed sleep. Inspiring!

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    1. Aw thank you Diane! Glad you found it inspiring! Trust me, I have plenty of days where bed calls my name too strongly to follow through on some art time, but it had been a couple days & I just *had* to get some in! But so true, the stress release of creating definitely makes for a more restful sleep for me too!


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