Quick & Easy Card Background

Sometimes you have the perfect image for a card & well, you might just look at the blank card & feel stuck … picking your image is just part of the game. You also have the background to think about. And that blank page/card can sometimes make you feel stumped. Well, one of my favorite ways to become un-stuck is to just start playing with paint, just lay down some color using some of my favorite tools & let it all happen naturally. So, here’s a quick and easy way to add some graphic, grungy background designs using just a couple of tools & some bright paint.

For this tutorial, I’ll be creating the background for this card that I created for Mother’s Day.

This fun card features this super sweet image from Oddball Art Shop!

First, gather your paint colors, a brayer roller & a palette knife.

With your first color, dab some paint directly to the brayer & simply roll it out on your page. Repeat with your second color.

Next, grab your third color and your palette knife & place some swipes of color across the page. Use small strokes & jump around the page until it feels balanced.

Add some paint drips using an art spray or liquid paint.

Lastly, frame it out using some black paint. Use a large paintbrush or your palette knife to create haphazard and uneven black edges.

To create your card, fold in half, and add your colored image. Use a bit of white paint around the edges to make the image pop.

Add a fun matching tag/bookmark & you have a sweet little card & extra little gift that didn’t take too much thought, but instead just let you play with paint to create a fun & colorful background!

This is also a super fun way to create cards with kids of any age. So grab some blank paper, paints & tools & create some cards for any occasion!

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