Finding Time for You

Hello lovelies! It’s been too long since posting here…ah, such is life as a mom & small business owner!

I’m popping in today to share a project with you as well as some food for thought. I am currently in a season (literal season as my husband is a chef in a seasonal town & crazy busy now) of busy-ness, of moming nonstop, of solo parenting when hubs’ working hours span the whole day, of kids home, of kids at ages 3 & 4, of planning art camps & birthday paint parties…phew, just typing it makes me tired!

HOWEVER! No matter the busy-ness of life, I truly believe that self-care & time for you is so important. But, it is not easy to always find that time. I’d love to be finding time for yoga & working out (to lose those extra pounds & save my sanity) or to get my hair or nails done (to relax & feel pretty) & while I’m not finding time for those big things, but I am finding ways to feed my soul…

A glass of wine & some art time

Sketching while kids play


Art makes me feel myself & sneaking in the time is so important. What feeds your soul & makes you feel you? How can you make time even in the busiest of seasons to work that into your life?

Here’s a video from the other night’s me time, where the sacrifice of an extra hour of sleep was so worth it!

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