Pushing through the layers

It’s kinda crazy how something you’ve done so many times can one day present quite the challenge. I’ve made 100s of faces in my journal, but today’s really pushed me through the process.

It got me thinking though about how creating art/art journaling finds a way to teach you lessons no matter what part of the process you’re at….kinda the same way life does that to us, right? There’s always a lesson to be learned whether you’re just starting out or 40 or 80. There are just days that will challenge you, days that will ask of you to give more than you had to yesterday, days that will show just what you’re made of.

Check out today’s process & let me know if it resonates with you. For me, it reminded me that I CAN work through the tough stuff, that even if the outcome wasn’t what I was expecting, sometimes the struggle makes it even more beautiful!

Thanks for watching!

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