ArtPrize 2022 ‘Layered Stories’

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Layered Stories Collection is on display at SAN CHEZ BISTRO in downtown Grand Rapids. To vote for my art go to & follow the steps below.

This collection shows the layers of stories that create who we are. All of our experiences, unique adventures, unpleasant hardships…all of it becomes a page in our book, a story that writes itself upon our souls, layers itself upon the last story. If we look closely at each other, we can see these layers. Little bits from all the way back from the beginning, the newest bits coloring our world & all the in-between bits. Parts of our path may be smooth, some of it rough & textured with life. Look around and notice how people wear their stories…are they adorned proudly, found in tears, shouted loudly, worn as a badge of honor, hidden as much as possible??

In this collections, you’ll see all of it, but only if you choose to stop & look, to wonder, to feel, to seek.

As you view the collection, you are invited to seek the layers in each, note the feelings that arise, find the stories (presented in texture, layers & book pages). You will not be able to KNOW their stories, though perhaps when we look, notice, feel, perhaps we will simply UNDERSTAND their story.

All pieces in this collection are for sale. See below to purchase.


All artwork will be on display until October 3rd, 2022 for ArtPrize. Pick up/delivery/shipping will be handled after that date. If you have any questions, please email me at

Purchase price is ONLY for the artwork. Pick up or drop off locally is free. If shipping, prices will vary. Once shipping is calculated, you will be billed for the shipping via PayPal invoice. Shipping must be paid for item to ship.


ArtPrize Layered Stories- PERCEPTION 24×36 mixed media on canvas



ArtPrize Layered Stories- CLOUDED 36×48 mixed media on canvas



ArtPrize Layered Stories- GILDED 24×48 mixed media on canvas



ArtPrize Layered Stories- PURPOSE 24×36 mixed media on canvas



ArtPrize Layered Stories- AMPLIFIED 22×28 mixed media on canvas



ArtPrize Layered Stories- SILENCED 30×40 mixed media on canvas


Radiate- SOLD

Release- SOLD

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