Pushing through the layers

It’s kinda crazy how something you’ve done so many times can one day present quite the challenge. I’ve made 100s of faces in my journal, but today’s really pushed me through the process.

It got me thinking though about how creating art/art journaling finds a way to teach you lessons no matter what part of the process you’re at….kinda the same way life does that to us, right? There’s always a lesson to be learned whether you’re just starting out or 40 or 80. There are just days that will challenge you, days that will ask of you to give more than you had to yesterday, days that will show just what you’re made of.

Check out today’s process & let me know if it resonates with you. For me, it reminded me that I CAN work through the tough stuff, that even if the outcome wasn’t what I was expecting, sometimes the struggle makes it even more beautiful!

Thanks for watching!

Product Play with Marabu!

One of the lovely additions to our Art Retreat at The Whatever Craft House was the amazing products supplied by our sponsors! What a treat to get to play & experiment with new products during our artsy weekend!Marabu Creative was wonderfully generous & we were able to play with art sprays, art crayons, Aqua Pens, Aqua Inks & Easy Marble! It didn’t take long for everyone to find something new-to-them to try out & it was an even quicker trip to falling in love with new products!Here’s a rundown for you of the products & some projects using them:

Art Sprays

Marabu’s Art Sprays are so much fun! Super vibrant & pigmented, intense & perfect for splatters, drips, stencils & texture, we just had a ton of fun using these on various projects. Check out some below.

Perfect for use on fabric & through stencils, we created art supply pouches in no time with lots of gorgeous color!

Art journal backgrounds are a perfect fit for the art sprays. They break the blank page & give amazing bursts of color!

Tags & banners are taken to the next level with a little spritz of color or shimmer!

Art Crayons

Marabu Art Crayons are super vibrant & creamy! They can be used directly on your surface or you can use a wet brush on the tip to pick up color & then apply….or a slew of other applications! They smudge and move beautifully & maintain their vibrant color!

Graphix Aqua Pens & Inks

We used our Graphix products for use in our Faces Tutorial, using them to create amazng layers of color, shade & highlights. Simply activate with a brush & some water & watch them move. Layer & repeat for more depth!

Easy Marble

Check out our Easy Marble session photos & videos to see how easy & beautiful our creations were!

We are so unbelievably grateful for Marabu as a sponsor & all the fun things we were able to do using their products! If you have ay questions, feel free to ask. I am a Marabu Artist Educator & can answer any you may have!

Saying Yes

So, this past weekend, I had the glorious opportunity to create with other creatives. Which is a gift. Which doesn’t happen as much as it should. Which is often viewed as an extra until you go & do it & then you realize how much of a need it actually was for your soul.

We are in a world of go-go-go, busy-ness, to do lists. Being a creative amongst all of that can be draining. However, when we view our art as a hobby or an extra or a ‘when I have time’ pastime, well, it’s honestly amazing we create anything at all! Creativity needs space to breathe, not ‘I have 20 minutes before I need to pick up the kids, so I need to be creative now & it better be good!’ Talk about pressure! No wonder we find ourselves doubting our talents and abilities or going through a “creative rut”.

I began to wonder, What if we said YES to our creative needs? What if we devoted time to leave all of the ‘other stuff’ for just a few days & let ourselves sink into the space of creativity? What if we did it together, with others who understood that calling of our heart? What might happen?

Well, I’ll tell you, Magic happens.

We journeyed from all parts of the country, meeting internet artsy friends at the Wichita, Kansas airport & made our way to the Whatever Craft House. This space alone is enough to make any creative’s mouth fall open in awe. It is a feast for the eyes, pure delight around each corner…

And soon we filled up the tables with our supplies, our stories, our laughter, our tears, our art and our friendships…

We made glorious messes & beautiful art. But mostly, our simple answer of “YES” lead to us making friendships, connections, & memories. It led to a soul-filling space to open up that part of ourselves that is so often squished into a corner of the room for 20 minutes here & there, to let it roam in a space made specifically for creating, to a time frame that was limited only to the departure time of our flights days away. Like I said, it led to magic.

Stay tuned for my next 2 posts which will feaure our sponsors, Marabu Creative USA & Gelli Arts, with tutorials & project ideas!

If you are interested in attending a retreat, please check out info on this site & feel free to email with any questions (alexadoebler6@gmail.com). I would LOVE to have you join us on our next magical weekend!

Finding Time for You

Hello lovelies! It’s been too long since posting here…ah, such is life as a mom & small business owner!

I’m popping in today to share a project with you as well as some food for thought. I am currently in a season (literal season as my husband is a chef in a seasonal town & crazy busy now) of busy-ness, of moming nonstop, of solo parenting when hubs’ working hours span the whole day, of kids home, of kids at ages 3 & 4, of planning art camps & birthday paint parties…phew, just typing it makes me tired!

HOWEVER! No matter the busy-ness of life, I truly believe that self-care & time for you is so important. But, it is not easy to always find that time. I’d love to be finding time for yoga & working out (to lose those extra pounds & save my sanity) or to get my hair or nails done (to relax & feel pretty) & while I’m not finding time for those big things, but I am finding ways to feed my soul…

A glass of wine & some art time

Sketching while kids play


Art makes me feel myself & sneaking in the time is so important. What feeds your soul & makes you feel you? How can you make time even in the busiest of seasons to work that into your life?

Here’s a video from the other night’s me time, where the sacrifice of an extra hour of sleep was so worth it!

Find Your Wings

This art journal page kept taking left turns, things did not go as I planned & I kept feeling the urge to pitch it. Numerous times, I thought, that ruined it. But then I kept working or took a breath & kept at it. No matter how much you make art, there will be pieces that feel more challenging & pieces that flow out of you beautifully. It’s the ‘sticking with it’ in the challenging ones that help you grow. It’s easy to make art when it just comes without effort, but like anything, growth happens when challenges are surmounted, when you feel out of your comfort zone, when you really need to flex that art muscle to get through it.

Check out this Crash the Stash to see how the process can have so many peaks and valleys & still turn out great!

List Products Used:

Shawn’s Stencils:

Old World Minis

Mini Doodle Masks

Numbers 1

Trees 2


Marabu Fashion Sprays in Flamingo, Apple, Shimmer Aquamarine, Shimmer Apricot

Marabu Art Crayons in Black, Kiwi, Aqua Green & Turquoise

Daler Rowney Inks in Turquoise & Process Yellow

Pitt Pen

Stabilo All Pencil

Gelli Prints

Book Pages

Tim Holtz Scrapbook Paper