Mixed Media Mania YouTube Hop!

So excited to be a part of the Mixed Media Mania YouTube Hop! We have amazing sponsors who are giving away unbelievable prizes & tons of talented artists creating some gorgeous pieces! Check out how I made this goddess girl here: Then hop along & don’t forget to comment and subscribe to enter win! ThanksContinue reading “Mixed Media Mania YouTube Hop!”

Our Favorites YouTube Hop Winners!

Thank you to all who hopped along & watched all of the amazing tutorials & videos on our YouTube hop! Also, a huge thank you to all of our incredible sponsors! Their generosity is amazing & we are so grateful! So now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Our Winners! -Marabu: Prize Package: Re-usedContinue reading “Our Favorites YouTube Hop Winners!”

Where Faith Resides

Faith is an interesting word. One that is defined so differently for people. Faith often gets intertwined, for good reason, with religion. However, they are indeed separate. I grew up going to Catholic School…I had a strong faith and strong religion then. Now, my faith is just as strong, probably stronger, but I’ll let myContinue reading “Where Faith Resides”