Quick & Easy Card Background

Sometimes you have the perfect image for a card & well, you might just look at the blank card & feel stuck … picking your image is just part of the game. You also have the background to think about. And that blank page/card can sometimes make you feel stumped. Well, one of my favorite ways to become un-stuck is to just start playing with paint, just lay down some color using some of my favorite tools & let it all happen naturally. So, here’s a quick and easy way to add some graphic, grungy background designs using just a couple of tools & some bright paint.

For this tutorial, I’ll be creating the background for this card that I created for Mother’s Day.

This fun card features this super sweet image from Oddball Art Shop!

First, gather your paint colors, a brayer roller & a palette knife.

With your first color, dab some paint directly to the brayer & simply roll it out on your page. Repeat with your second color.

Next, grab your third color and your palette knife & place some swipes of color across the page. Use small strokes & jump around the page until it feels balanced.

Add some paint drips using an art spray or liquid paint.

Lastly, frame it out using some black paint. Use a large paintbrush or your palette knife to create haphazard and uneven black edges.

To create your card, fold in half, and add your colored image. Use a bit of white paint around the edges to make the image pop.

Add a fun matching tag/bookmark & you have a sweet little card & extra little gift that didn’t take too much thought, but instead just let you play with paint to create a fun & colorful background!

This is also a super fun way to create cards with kids of any age. So grab some blank paper, paints & tools & create some cards for any occasion!

Marabu Background Tutorial

We’re in the final days of the HUGE sale over at Joggles! Marabu Art Sprays & Art Crayons are 50% off! Go grab some right now! & you can create this fun piece!

Here’s a step by step to creating this fun piece!

Start by laying out your colorful background with your Art Crayons.

Next spray with water to make the colors move. Use a paintbrush to help move the water and pigment around if you need to.

Pat dry with a paper towel.

Spray with silver shimmer art spray.

Stencil a pattern on top.

Spray Joggles Tree Die Cuts with Marabu Art Spray in black & then glue down.

Add your touches. Here, I added a string with hearts & stamped words, but you could create whatever you like!

Run the black Marabu Art Crayon over the edges and smear with your finger.

Add your discs to your Disc Journal pages by Joggles & ta-da! A fun art journal page in a short amount of time! Big impact thanks to the awesome pigments in the Art Crayons & Sprays & the fun products from Joggles!

And check out this shimmer!

Magical World

So sometimes you receive creating tools in the mail & just can’t wait to play with them….well, that happened to me yesterday & play I did!

I received these cutie stamps from @magda_polakow_stamps yesterday and last week I received my stencils from @slightly_askewed for her design team & well, I just felt playful!

Here’s what happened:

Want to see some of the process?

To start, I used Marabu Art Sprays (now 50% off at Joggles). I sprayed color, sprayed with a little water and spread it with a palette knife. Check out how those scratches from the palette knife looks in juxtaposition to the watercolor flow…just so cool!

Next, I added some Gesso over top.

Now, time to grab those stencils & create the beginnings of a magical world.

Add in some messy black pen marks.

Using some semi transparent acrylic, some art spray used with a paintbrush & some craft acrylic, I created the rainbow.

Stamp on this sweetie.

Give her a crown & some wings, paint & color her using craft acrylics & Marabu Fine Liners. Add in some stencil flowers, some whimsical scallops, words & black outlines & voila!

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Get Messy Sketch(y)book

This month for the Oddballartco Design Team our theme is Messy & Sketchy….so of course a messy lil sketch(y)book (see what I did there 😂) came to mind!

I created this using stamp #313 ‘Set of 10 Suns’ & #194 ‘Newsprint Flower’ & some additional rubber stamps I had on hand to create the images that make perfect places to color & doodle. Then I used a pen to create spaces for sketching and writing. The cover was made with Marabu Art Sprays & Marabu Art Crayons. (Both on sale through Joggles 50% off! Click products to head to Joggles)

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