Magical World

So sometimes you receive creating tools in the mail & just can’t wait to play with them….well, that happened to me yesterday & play I did!

I received these cutie stamps from @magda_polakow_stamps yesterday and last week I received my stencils from @slightly_askewed for her design team & well, I just felt playful!

Here’s what happened:

Want to see some of the process?

To start, I used Marabu Art Sprays (now 50% off at Joggles). I sprayed color, sprayed with a little water and spread it with a palette knife. Check out how those scratches from the palette knife looks in juxtaposition to the watercolor flow…just so cool!

Next, I added some Gesso over top.

Now, time to grab those stencils & create the beginnings of a magical world.

Add in some messy black pen marks.

Using some semi transparent acrylic, some art spray used with a paintbrush & some craft acrylic, I created the rainbow.

Stamp on this sweetie.

Give her a crown & some wings, paint & color her using craft acrylics & Marabu Fine Liners. Add in some stencil flowers, some whimsical scallops, words & black outlines & voila!

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Get Messy Sketch(y)book

This month for the Oddballartco Design Team our theme is Messy & Sketchy….so of course a messy lil sketch(y)book (see what I did there 😂) came to mind!

I created this using stamp #313 ‘Set of 10 Suns’ & #194 ‘Newsprint Flower’ & some additional rubber stamps I had on hand to create the images that make perfect places to color & doodle. Then I used a pen to create spaces for sketching and writing. The cover was made with Marabu Art Sprays & Marabu Art Crayons. (Both on sale through Joggles 50% off! Click products to head to Joggles)

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Gelli Prints Art Journal

So one of the questions I get asked a lot when showing how to make prints from a Gelli Plate is, “What do you do with all the prints?” Well, there are tons of possibilities (which I will try to share many of them in future blogs) but today I’m going to show you my favorite way to use gelli prints….

Create an Art Journal!!!

Creating an Art Journal from your gelli Prints means you automatically have beautiful backgrounds started on each page! Which means, you also have some built in inspiration for each page!

Once I created this art journal from the prints I made on my Instagram Live, I decided she needed a cute cover. Enter the digital stamp from Oddball Art Shop! I chose the Art Journal girl stamp that you can find here . (Don’t forget to use “DTALEXA10” for 10% off when you purchase)

Throw in a stamped art quote & some art marks & you’ve got a super cute and quick cover!

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Hey Lovelies!

Last night I was exhausted (2 toddlers will do that to ya!) and I really *wanted* to get some art time in, but I also wanted to do absolutely nothing. So I turned on the coffee & did absolutely nothing while it brewed & then got myself a cuppa joe & headed to the studio. Sometimes, you just need to get your butt in gear & trust that once you sit down at the desk, you’ll just find that creative zone, the quiet bliss of creating.

So, I pulled out my art journal and got to it. No direction, no plan, just grabbing what was speaking to me & go.

In the end I chose the word dream to go with this butterfly monoprint pulled from my Gel Press because I kept thinking of the phrase, ‘Dreams don’t work unless you do’ as I was creating, because it was working through those moments of ‘this isn’t what I was wanting’ and working out what colors were speaking to me (this analogous color scheme is one I don’t often use), just working through that creative process. And when I added the butterfly, I thought, ‘Wings don’t work unless you do’….and it just felt as though it was all meant to be about the hustle, about trusting your wings, about pursuing your dreams, always… even if 2 toddlers exhausted you that day!

Check out my process:

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How to: Facial Shading

Often I’m asked about some tips for coloring or painting faces, especially when working with digital stamps. Often, people see finished products of the digital stamps & then when they attempt to create with them, they fall a little flat. Well, not to worry! I’m sharing the basics with you about shading portraits & how you can create depth in any digital stamp.

For this example, I’m using this digital stamp from Oddball Art Shop. I printed out a few large copies (one of the great benefits of digital stamps) of the girl so I could play and experiment. Hop over & grab it & practice along with me below. (Use DTALEXA10 for 10% off!)

First, I gathered colored pencils & art markers & did some color swatching so I could figure out the best combination of colors.

Once you’ve gotten a sense of your colors, you want to choose 3 colors, a light, a medium & a darker shade that work together. For this tutorial I’ll be using the 3 markers for my main shading. Next, decide on where your light source is…

Using this as your guide for where shadows would fall & where highlights will be, you can start to map out your work. Some good rules of thumb are, 1. The bridge & tip of the nose will have your lightest highlights with a typical light source (obviously, there are some exceptions to this, but those are much more specific cases) & 2. Your darkest areas will be the opposite of your light source. This includes the side of the face opposite the light source, the side of the nose opposite the light source, etc.

Here is a rough visual for shading areas:

So here’s a step by step of shading this piece:

First I did a light base in colored pencil just to get a start of some color

Next I colored all of her face except for tip & bridge of her nose with Blush (my lightest tone)

Next, I came in with my mid tone (Dusky Pink) & shaded the side of her face opposite the light source & under her hair line & nose.

And back through with blush to help blend the edges of color

Then, coming back in with my darkest shade, I added along the hairline, under the nose, under the eye, cheek/jawline, under the lip on opposite side, & neck.

And again, bringing the blush color back in to blend the edges of color & add a bit to the nose.

Add a little rosy color to her cheeks & lips & voila!

Here she is finished with some color:

Now, with that principle, let’s look at what happens if we use a different color tone…

So. No matter the look you’re going for, you can definitely add some great depth & dimension to your digital stamp faces!

Any questions?? Ask below! I’d love to help!

Also, of course I had to make a fun piece with the full stamp & of course, all I could think of was the rainbow girl herself, Rainbow Brite!

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