Product Play with Marabu!

One of the lovely additions to our Art Retreat at The Whatever Craft House was the amazing products supplied by our sponsors! What a treat to get to play & experiment with new products during our artsy weekend!Marabu Creative was wonderfully generous & we were able to play with art sprays, art crayons, Aqua Pens, Aqua Inks & Easy Marble! It didn’t take long for everyone to find something new-to-them to try out & it was an even quicker trip to falling in love with new products!Here’s a rundown for you of the products & some projects using them:

Art Sprays

Marabu’s Art Sprays are so much fun! Super vibrant & pigmented, intense & perfect for splatters, drips, stencils & texture, we just had a ton of fun using these on various projects. Check out some below.

Perfect for use on fabric & through stencils, we created art supply pouches in no time with lots of gorgeous color!

Art journal backgrounds are a perfect fit for the art sprays. They break the blank page & give amazing bursts of color!

Tags & banners are taken to the next level with a little spritz of color or shimmer!

Art Crayons

Marabu Art Crayons are super vibrant & creamy! They can be used directly on your surface or you can use a wet brush on the tip to pick up color & then apply….or a slew of other applications! They smudge and move beautifully & maintain their vibrant color!

Graphix Aqua Pens & Inks

We used our Graphix products for use in our Faces Tutorial, using them to create amazng layers of color, shade & highlights. Simply activate with a brush & some water & watch them move. Layer & repeat for more depth!

Easy Marble

Check out our Easy Marble session photos & videos to see how easy & beautiful our creations were!

We are so unbelievably grateful for Marabu as a sponsor & all the fun things we were able to do using their products! If you have ay questions, feel free to ask. I am a Marabu Artist Educator & can answer any you may have!

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